Affichage des articles du mars, 2018

MANAGEMENT : A few Thoughts

Management implies a cascade of consequences in that order : Coherence, Reliability, Trust, Security, Wellbeing.

Before coherence is achieved, a good deal of discrimination is needed in planning.

Discrimination + Coherence + Planning = Improved Order.

Coherence without proper planning, without considering all possible parameters and outcomes, will result in forcing the worst chaotic situations into existence.

Therefore creating Paradise on Earth cannot be easily achieved by a group of individuals even if properly instructed.

Maybe a General Artificial Intelligence could help us reach closer to this state though ?

Chaos is the kingdom of evil and a fertile ground for suffering.

Managing, or administering, is all about organizing, both in space and time - one causing the other.

Management is applied logics too, as well as applied geometry.

It starts in the mind, with managing it properly.

It implies having set the ego in order, which is a requirement for us Spiritual Seekers.

Having the proper ide…