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Messages from Babuji

"The very simplicity, purity and innocence of Reality have become a veil to it. This book has been written not for the novices but for those who are highly advanced in spirituality."
Comments on Commandement 1

"They started injecting their own personal ideas into the detailed rules and methods of meditation practice decided and laid down originally and started teaching abhyasis the considerably altered methods of their own practice. (...) It does not occur to them that in the very fine rules of practice for achieving the Infinite, even the slightest variation of change can have the dire consequences."
They have lost the Ocean

"The Mission's abhyasis and preceptors should put into practice the ancient teaching."
They have lost the Ocean

"When we are out of light we fall in darkness. When we are out of wisdom we become fools. When we are out of Reality we become Satan."
Superstition and Spirituality - Seminar at Tirupur 1970