Lalaji's Mental Revolution

"A complete change means revolution and revolution can not be brought about individually, it requires an organization because when one determines to bring about some change, the forces opposing the change come together collectively to oppose the change. It is difficult for an individual person or thinker to stand up against them since those who are rowdy, who are wrong and who wish to harm others, they are all organized."

"I too oppose the idea of any religious organization, but I am in favor of unity and the discipline associated with an organization. It is important to understand the difference between the two clearly."

"It is not necessary to accept what I say in order to understand it. So far as the question of making progress is concerned, you would neither grow by accepting what I say nor would it obstruct your progress. But by understanding anything there is always a possibility to benefit. As much as you try to understand, your capacity to think grows up. But we are eager either to accept or to reject because it takes time to understand and acceptance or rejection requires no effort."

"We have become so lethargic that we do not want to apply ourselves nor we want to exercise our brains."

"I can say with full confidence that the day people would start exercising their brains that day various leaders and their glamour would shrink and be confined to themselves only."

"Mental or spiritual exploitation is this that I alone would think and you would accept or I compel you to accept. In the first situation, you exploited me and in the second situation I exploited you."

"Monetary exploitation is not as bad as the mental or spiritual exploitation. If one loses money, one can always earn it again, nothing is lost but once one loses his discretion or his faith, everything is lost. This alone is the basic reason for the whole world being tied in the shackles of mental and spiritual slavery today. The man of today is suffering from mental lethargy."

"The social system is sick from the one hand to the other. It requires a complete change. The systems themselves give rise to various ailments in the society."

"If the entire wealth is concentrated in a few hands and if it is expected that the others, who are deprived, they should not crave for wealth, they should not be greedy, they should not shun others, it would all just be a mockery."

"The order given by my spiritual master 'to spread this mission amongst the people of the world' (...) does not at all mean that in the name of the people of the world, I may gather a crowd around me and in the name of managing that crowd I may first start a new organization and then a new group and a new sect be formalized. Taking his teaching as the basis, I may start preaching myself and then become the head of a monsatery and then following the sequence I may select my successor and announce his name during my life-time. Most of the people around me expect this all from me. No, not at all."

"Even if a little ray of light of spirituality enters in some one's life, he acquires capability to see all aspects of life with the help of that light."

"No part of the society has been built up consciously after consideration. The need of the time is that we should think consciously to consider all aspects of life. Everything can be changed."


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