Affichage des articles du septembre, 2015

New $piritist $RCM™ making Bubles

Egregores everywhere !!!How small they have fallen under the infiltrated "western" influence whispering hypnotic suggestions to the adminimaster.

Is this not pure lack of faith in God, i.e. making plans to drag the masses into building egregores for world change ? A very catchy guru trick for desperate naive people in need of spiritual rationality.

Stupid people will only create stupid egregores making mankind more stupid. Call it a law of Nature or a will of God.

How about : Tolerance is Genocide ?

"Spiritually elevated" souls are not supposed to mention this type of issue, it is unspiritual and racist
Answer : "Spiritually elevated" souls are free to mention any issue. Blood is spirituality, which unfolds in the afterlife when individuality gets digested in the stream of life. Past lives never come from the future.
The very basis of the current white genocide is spiritual. But shhht. That's hell of a secret.

Whites are dying out, don't you get it ?

Dying out by design : There is a will behind
Why don't we hear indian gurus speak about it ? Antiwhite racists maybe ? Remember how Chari promoted mixed race unions with europeans... A very good agent indeed

White Genocide Accelerating


Posthumanisme : L'Intelligence Artificielle, Projet Divin ?

Dotées d'une conscience et d'une mystique, auront-elles aussi une spiritualité ?

Because more reasonable than humans, they will erase us

Simple Virtual Creatures find out how to compete by their own

Vaincre ou Mourir : Il faut le savoir

Méditer rendra le monde meilleur

Plus Petit Dénominateur Commun ?


Leader-sheep : Leadershit


Le Vainqueur est Toujours une Ordure

Success !

How we lost Planet Earth


Awakening is a Threat (to the righteous)


Contes de Fées - La France de l'Avant-Génocide

Fanatismes Politiques & Fanatismes Religieux d'Hier & d'Aujourd'hui : La Folie des Gens "Biens"

Réalité + Fantaisies = Spectacle


Génocide par Substitution de Population : La France d'Avant

Le dernier qui part éteint la lumière
Vacances 1958 SNCF