"The difficult thing for people to understand is that cosmic consciousness may feel wonderful, but it doesn't mean anything.  It has nothing whatsoever to do with virtue, honesty, intelligence, wisdom.  That fact is just one reason why religion and politics should never be mixed."

"Rajneesh had no bankable power of his own, so he could only gain material power by manipulating others to do his will.  The equation was simple.  The more disciples he attracted, the more power and wealth he obtained." (replace Rajneesh by whatever guru's name you want, it will still work)

"World history, Asian mythology, politics, and the behavior of alpha male gurus makes allot more sense if you keep that unavoidable fact in mind.  Our most primal subconscious motivating forces come from the animal world, which we are still a part of."

"When it comes to gurus, take the best and leave the rest."

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