Spiritual Typology of Humans

There are only 3 spiritual types of humans : The Mystic, the Religious, and the Materialist.
The Mystic is the one who loves God.The Religious is the one who fears God.And the Materialist is the one without faith and law who destroys the world and himself. These types ramify abundantly.

Number is for Numb Minds

Those who seek power, achievements, and a name for themselves, are deeply unsecure - unless they get these.
Their whole enterprise cries their deep lack of faith in God, their solitude.
Since they will need to justify themselves among men, they know they will have to comply with good moral values, for their own comfort and piece of mind. This deceptive justification will indeed be presented as "Service to God", "Brotherhood", "Charitability", or "Obeying orders from above".
Since anxiety is a subtle pervasive phenomenon of spiritual origin and biological nature, even bright minds can be mislead in sincere beliefs and actions. Solving anxiety is a life-long business. The anxious soul will only heal by close association to God - bringing one from control to faith.
To be a good liar, one needs to lie to oneself first. This may look unkind to say so, but when one starts exploring the logical structure of his mind, he will discover how deep are the roots…

Special Personalities

"Your third or fourth generation will be assigned just this work; but he will not be able to complete the work in his lifetime. Thereafter a Special Personality shall emerge and complete this work."
"The Special Personality to come in future came to vision - bluish complexion, no beard or moustache, healthy, stomach slight bulging, short stature, dry-natured, no courtesies, preference for coarseness, having nothing to do with anything except bloodshed."
The Autobiography of Ram Chandra. Part II Vol I

God or Satan ?

Babuji defined God as 0 or nothingness, from which Nature emerges.

He also mentionned about the numerous "Functionnaries" at work in the big structure of Nature.

This big machine is a hierarchical world of powers working together, and this organization has also been described allegorically in other spiritual and religious traditions. Its complex models are indeed investigated by science and technology for capitalistic purposes.

Materially very successfull, the human species still misses spirituality, even sometimes in some of the most prominent spiritual institutions.

There is no way one will ever walk the spiritual path before understanding the schema of Nature and stop confusing the Creature for the Creator.

God is not from this worldGod creates the world but he does not manage the Creation. He is the Creator, not the Creature. He is the Creator, not the manager.

Managing is Satan's work, and the work of the "Functionnaries" of Nature serving Satan. Satan is the Gr…

MANAGEMENT : A few Thoughts

Management implies a cascade of consequences in that order : Coherence, Reliability, Trust, Security, Wellbeing.

Before coherence is achieved, a good deal of discrimination is needed in planning.

Discrimination + Coherence + Planning = Improved Order.

Coherence without proper planning, without considering all possible parameters and outcomes, will result in forcing the worst chaotic situations into existence.

Therefore creating Paradise on Earth cannot be easily achieved by a group of individuals even if properly instructed.

Maybe a General Artificial Intelligence could help us reach closer to this state though ?

Chaos is the kingdom of evil and a fertile ground for suffering.

Managing, or administering, is all about organizing, both in space and time - one causing the other.

Management is applied logics too, as well as applied geometry.

It starts in the mind, with managing it properly.

It implies having set the ego in order, which is a requirement for us Spiritual Seekers.

Having the proper ide…

Néo-marxisme Postmoderne : Déconstruire les Organisations Humaines pour en Prendre le Contrôle

Avant-proposLa présente discussion sur le Néo-marxisme Postmoderne ne dénonce pas le potentiel positif de ce logiciel (faire progresser les sociétés humaines en libérant progressivement leurs blocages), mais dénonce l'utilisation subversive qui en est faite par une petite oligarchie (prendre le pouvoir).

Comme il n'existe aucune protection intrinsèque - dans ce logiciel - contre son utilisation abusive, il est vital que les membres d'une société humaine, en particulier lorsqu'ils en sont victimes : Aient conscience des dangers du Néo-marxisme Postmoderne
Mettent en place des procédures de contrôle et de protection
Se libèrent des groupes qui utilisent le Néo-marxisme Postmoderne à des fins de domination, en leur appliquant les principes du Néo-marxisme Postmoderne pour les dissoudre
Le Néo-marxisme Postmoderne comme Instrument de DominationPar sa Furtivité, son Polymorphisme, et son Degré d'Élaboration Logique, le Néo-marxisme Postmoderne est un redoutable Cheval de Tro…

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