From H€ARTFULN€$$ to Harmfulness ?

"Les passions insistantes que soulèvent la croyance ou la non croyance en telle ou telle voie de ce monde provoquent très souvent en nous et autour de nous des débats enivrants, qui sont un fléau pour nous-mêmes, pour nos relations et même pour les nations. Que de querelles et de combats ! Que d’humains égarés au milieu de vociférations contradictoires proclamant la vraie croyance, élevés dans la sagesse populaire, les disputes théologiques, les préjugés et la surenchère !"
Kamlesh D. Patel Source :
Cet extrait est issu du nouveau (2015) corpus conceptuel de la $RCM™ qui fonde la pratique dite H€artfuln€$$.

Ce corpus conceptuel est développé par K. D. Patel, nouveau président de la $RCM™, et diffusé sur internet à travers d'abondantes publications électroniques, expression possible d'un souci de référencement sur les moteurs de recherche pour capturer toujours plus d'adeptes.

Kamlesh D. Patel réduit-il le débat d'i…

They have lost the Ocean

In the sphere of Spirituality, Character development has a special place, the importance of which is in no way less than that of Spiritual Welfare itself. Our Revered Lalaji Maharaj always laid emphasis on the special importance of character in the area of spiritual development. In one place he has written
'I tell every human being, every seeker from the very beginning try his best to maintain and improve the condition of his personal character. No word should leave the mouth which is likely to be objectionable to anyone. Nor should any such act be indulged in as likely to be unpleasant to others. I am not as much a lover of spirituality as of character. If a seeker has achieved the Dhruv Padh but character weakness still exists in him, my understanding is that he has not understood the True Philosophy.'

I also desire that there should be no weakness of character among the abhyasis of our Mission; but what use is it that I desire it so! People are defective is the oneness with a…

Vrai pour le Peuple, Vrai pour l'Individu : Aliénation Individuelle & Collective à la $RCM™

« Un peuple prêt à sacrifier un peu de liberté pour un peu de sécurité ne mérite ni l’une ni l’autre, et finit par perdre les deux »
Benjamin Franklin

What is Consciousness ?


Messages from Babuji

"The very simplicity, purity and innocence of Reality have become a veil to it. This book has been written not for the novices but for those who are highly advanced in spirituality."
Comments on Commandement 1

"They started injecting their own personal ideas into the detailed rules and methods of meditation practice decided and laid down originally and started teaching abhyasis the considerably altered methods of their own practice. (...) It does not occur to them that in the very fine rules of practice for achieving the Infinite, even the slightest variation of change can have the dire consequences."
They have lost the Ocean

"The Mission's abhyasis and preceptors should put into practice the ancient teaching."
They have lost the Ocean

"When we are out of light we fall in darkness. When we are out of wisdom we become fools. When we are out of Reality we become Satan."
Superstition and Spirituality - Seminar at Tirupur 1970

Lalaji's Mental Revolution

"A complete change means revolution and revolution can not be brought about individually, it requires an organization because when one determines to bring about some change, the forces opposing the change come together collectively to oppose the change. It is difficult for an individual person or thinker to stand up against them since those who are rowdy, who are wrong and who wish to harm others, they are all organized."

"I too oppose the idea of any religious organization, but I am in favor of unity and the discipline associated with an organization. It is important to understand the difference between the two clearly."

"It is not necessary to accept what I say in order to understand it. So far as the question of making progress is concerned, you would neither grow by accepting what I say nor would it obstruct your progress. But by understanding anything there is always a possibility to benefit. As much as you try to understand, your capacity to think grows up…

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